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Established a Digital Health Ecosystem to Facilitate Remote Monitoring and Care

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Our client, a prominent telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions provider operating in over 150 countries, develops advanced solutions for more than 70 health conditions across various therapy areas. With nearly one-third of the U.S. population grappling with multiple chronic issues, constituting 70% of healthcare spending, our client envisioned an advanced care management program to enhance health outcomes for this group.

The customer aimed to develop an integrated care management platform encompassing front-end, back-end, and cloud services to target diverse customer categories. The primary objectives were to improve patient quality of life and reduce caregiver support costs.


The overall program presented numerous complex challenges. Integrating over 500 point-of-care devices required a careful harmonization of diverse technologies to ensure seamless functionality. Establishing a robust data warehousing solution demanded a resilient infrastructure for the secure storage and management of extensive patient data. Additionally, implementing analytics introduced complexity in processing and extracting meaningful insights.

The integration challenge expanded further with the requirement to merge the specialized functions of hub devices with a robust cloud-based Digital Health Platform. This was necessary to create a unified system, streamlining the secure collection, storage, and sharing of patient data with hospitals and healthcare providers. Furthermore, the development of Android and iOS mobile applications for secure data sharing and critical patient care delivery added an extra layer of complexity.


As a strategic technology and development partner, Tata Elxsi collaborated closely with the customer, serving as both a co-development partner and a key contributor to technology value-addition and innovation. We established a dedicated Digital Health Center of Excellence with a particular focus on developing an integrated care management platform. Our innovation hub, equipped for experimentation, played a crucial role in evolving patient-centric Android and iOS apps seamlessly integrated into the Digital Health Platform. This also featured smart hub devices for enhanced connectivity and video capabilities.

Central to our solution was the development of a sophisticated data analysis system, integrating chatbots and virtual assistants to empower intelligent decision-making within the platform. Our commitment to seamless collaboration and connectivity was reflected in the platform's integration with diverse medical devices, creating a comprehensive ecosystem. Through incremental upgrades, including a data warehousing solution, standardized connectivity, and effective DevOps practices, we ensured optimal functionality, positively impacting patient care and healthcare operations.

Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Solution-2


Our collaboration resulted in a transformative leap in healthcare delivery through the development of an Integrated Care Management Platform. The introduction of patient engagement apps for iOS and Android platforms saw a surge in new active customers and increased user engagement. Furthermore, we streamlined critical product features and enhanced the app's user-friendliness, leading to a noteworthy increase in Monthly Active Users (MAUs), improved user feedback, a significant boost in user retention, and deeper engagement.

This digital health platform played a pivotal role in facilitating remote patient monitoring, ensuring that medical professionals securely access relevant patient data. The upgraded software facilitated easy data visualization, empowering clinicians with user-friendly access to patient information. The platform's sophisticated data analysis system empowered doctors to make informed decisions, contributing significantly to better patient outcomes and streamlined healthcare approaches.

Services rendered

Tata Elxsi

  • Care Management Platform Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Product Verification and Validation (V&V)
  • QA Testing and Automation
  • DevOps CI/CD Pipeline Development and Management
  • IT Infrastructure Operations and Administration
  • Product Design and Development

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