Virtual ECU for AUTOSAR-based Automotive Embedded System Validation 

The automotive industry is undergoing transformation rapidly, due to the rise of autonomous driving, electrification, and software-defined vehicles (SDVs), adding complexity to embedded system platforms. Traditional validation methods depending on the availability of target hardware are proving expensive and inefficient, particularly due to late-stage bug fixes and delay caused due to chip shortages. Virtualization is emerging as a key solution, allowing for early validation of embedded software in a simulated environment, which accelerates time to market. This practice is also crucial for the development of SDVs, the future of the industry.

This application note delves into:

  • Virtual ECU Validation: Understand the intricacies and advantages of using Virtual ECUs for system validation.
  • AUTOSAR-Based Solutions: Explore how AUTOSAR standards streamline the development of complex automotive software.

  • Practical Insights: Gain actionable insights to apply virtual ECUs in real-world scenarios effectively.

Download the Application note for a deep dive into the dynamic world of automotive embedded systems and take the first step towards a more efficient and reliable development cycle.

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