Transforming Rail Track Maintenance 


The demand for rail transportation has significantly increased in recent years because of congested highways, parking problems, and environmental pollution.

To meet this demand, a high-quality modern rail network that guarantees dependable service, more trains per hour, rail safety, and increased timeliness in train operating times is required. However, as the number of trains increase, so will the need to have a better infrastructure. This will thus require extensive maintenance and renovation.

It is imperative that rail owners and operators use technologies that are advancing. This will improve the efficiency, and performance of both rail vehicles and network assets.

Considering the impending shift in railway maintenance, the Digital Twin is an essential piece of digitalization. It seamlessly integrates all the information and processes from real objects into a virtual representation. This in turn provides valuable insights for railway maintenance.

The whitepaper provides an overview of the current situation related to maintenance of railway tracks, along with the potential application of digital twin technology in track maintenance.

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