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TETHER- Connected Vehicle Platform of the Future

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Gone are the days when automotive OEMs were selling their vehicle where  touch points were limited to the time of sale and service. 

Today, the automotive industry is transforming into a customer-centric business model, providing vehicles with personalized and digitally enhanced experiences through CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric) features.​

Tata Elxsi designed and developed TETHER – an intuitive Connected Vehicle Platform (CVP) to enable OEMs to achieve CASE features.


In the era of digital transformation, apart from Cloud Adoption and Management, enterprises face the following challenges:​

  • OTA Management
  • Data Lake Management 
  • Device Management & OS Standardization
  • Cybersecurity

Also, new-age drivers expect safe, hyper-personalization, and an enhanced digital experience in their next purchase of a connected car. To achieve the driver’s expectations, usage behavior has to also be constantly learned. 

OEMs thus require a unified digital service delivery platform for 360° E2E seamless operations.


​TETHER by Tata Elxsi, is a unified Cloud-based, vendor-agnostic, hyper-scale connected vehicle platform that uses cloud computing for dynamic vehicle onboarding and data aggregation. It curates features that target a connected experience through modern digitalization and provides tactical value-added services to OEMs adhering to safety and security features. ​

Benefits of TETHER :

  • OEMs can achieve continued customer engagement​
  • Provides an opportunity for business enablement through a variety of Revenue models​
  • User Preferences can be learned for New Design Enhancements​
  • Improves Time to Market​
  • Provides Predictive Maintenance through secure over-the-air updates ​


Since TETHER’s launch in January 2020, the platform has onboarded 1 million + (and counting) vehicles for Tata motors across multiple vehicle segments. (that includes PV, CV & EV).

With the humongous volume of vehicles being onboarded, TETHER ingests 600+TB of data per month with a data processing latency of 250 Milliseconds, thus enabling connectivity ownership of Global OEMs. ​

TETHER recently won the ‘TechAD USA 2022’ award in the Software and Compute Platform category and was one of the Finalists at Tata Innovista.​

“In line with Tata Motors' stated objective of offering differentiated products based on our CESS philosophy (Connected, Electrified, Safe & Shared), we are delighted to have partnered with Tata Elxsi which not only allowed us to take the decision of developing a native platform for the Connected Vehicle Program, but also helped us to jump start and meet the critical product launch timelines. The collaboration between the two teams has been outstanding and will continue to ensure a wonderful customer experience”​​

- Rajendra Petkar, CTO, Tata Motors
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Scope of Work

Tata Elxsi

  • Connected Vehicle
    - Technical Consultancy ​
  • Platform Application
    – Design, Development & Testing ​
  • Big Data & AI/ML 

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