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TETHER- Connected Vehicle Platform of the Future

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Gone are the days when automotive OEMs were selling their vehicle where  touch points were limited to the time of sale and service. 

Today, the automotive industry is transforming into a customer-centric business model, providing vehicles with personalized and digitally enhanced experiences through CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric) features.​

Tata Elxsi designed and developed TETHER – an intuitive Connected Vehicle Platform (CVP) to enable OEMs to achieve CASE features.


In the era of digital transformation, apart from Cloud Adoption and Management, enterprises face the following challenges:​

  • OTA Management
  • Data Lake Management 
  • Device Management & OS Standardization
  • Cybersecurity

Also, new-age drivers expect safe, hyper-personalization, and an enhanced digital experience in their next purchase of a connected car. To achieve the driver’s expectations, usage behavior has to also be constantly learned. 

OEMs thus require a unified digital service delivery platform for 360° E2E seamless operations.


​TETHER by Tata Elxsi, is a unified Cloud-based, vendor-agnostic, hyper-scale connected vehicle platform that uses cloud computing for dynamic vehicle onboarding and data aggregation. It curates features that target a connected experience through modern digitalization and provides tactical value-added services to OEMs adhering to safety and security features. ​

Benefits of TETHER :

  • OEMs can achieve continued customer engagement​
  • Provides an opportunity for business enablement through a variety of Revenue models​
  • User Preferences can be learned for New Design Enhancements​
  • Improves Time to Market​
  • Provides Predictive Maintenance through secure over-the-air updates ​


Since TETHER’s launch in January 2020, the platform has onboarded 500K+ (and counting) vehicles for Tata motors across multiple vehicle segments. (that includes PV, CV & EV).

With the humongous volume of vehicles being onboarded, TETHER ingests 600+TB of data per month with a data processing latency of 250 Milliseconds, thus enabling connectivity ownership of Global OEMs. ​

TETHER recently won the ‘TechAD USA 2022’ award in the Software and Compute Platform category and was one of the Finalists at Tata Innovista.​

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Scope of Work

Tata Elxsi

  • Connected Vehicle
    - Technical Consultancy ​
  • Platform Application
    – Design, Development & Testing ​
  • Big Data & AI/ML 

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