Novel Strategies for ADAS/AD Validation 

 Data-driven, Cloud-based & Digital Twin enabled 

The future of mobility in the coming years depends on ADAS (Advance driver assistance systems) and AD (Autonomous Driving) systems. Efficient and reliable technologies are imminently required to develop, verify, and validate ADAS/AD systems. This application note throws light on the three important domains for the development of ADAS/AD systems namely: Data-driven, Cloud-based & Digital Twin-enabled.

Development and validation of ADAS/AD systems are fundamentally different from the conventional techniques utilized for other automotive domains. This can be attributed to certain factors like:

  • A plethora of sensors are used in ADAS/AD vehicles.

  • Complex algorithms performing the functions of perception, path planning, and navigation.

  • Conventional testing techniques cannot provide full functional test coverage to the ADAS/AD systems, as they need to be exposed to real-world situations, corner cases, accident scenarios, etc.

This note also showcases the implementation of standard compliance when doing simulations for ADAS/AD systems. Real-world examples are utilized to explain the concepts clearly in this application note.

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