Case Study

Enhancing Customer Experience with Tata Elxsi's iCX Solution for India's Leading Telco

Intelligent Device Management for Android-based Set-Top Boxes
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In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, service providers seek innovative solutions to cater to their rapidly expanding customer base.

The client, India's leading telecom player, witnessed a significant surge in its subscriber count, a testament to its commitment to quality and service. However, with growth comes the challenge of scale – managing the vast array of customer premise equipment (CPE), such as set-top boxes (STBs). Traditional methods that rely heavily on field technicians for installation and troubleshooting are proving to be a bottleneck, limiting the speed and efficiency of service delivery.

As the strategic technology partner, Tata Elxsi implemented iCX -  Remote Monitoring System With a focus on enhancing user experience and operational efficiency, iCX is pivotal in monitoring and managing Android STBs of the client's ever-growing network. 


The client faced significant challenges managing its growing subscriber base and the associated set-top boxes. Their reliance on physical visits to customer premises for troubleshooting and maintenance increasingly hindered efficiency. 

This resulted in:

  • High Volume of Customer Complaints: The lack of remote monitoring meant even minor issues required technician visits, leading to customer dissatisfaction and a rise in complaints
  • Extended Ticket Handling Times: Troubleshooting delays due to on-site visits resulted in longer resolution times for customer issues, impacting overall service quality
  • Inefficient Truck Rolls: Dispatching technicians for every problem, irrespective of severity, wasted resources, and increased operational costs
  • Limited Visibility: Without remote monitoring, the client lacked real-time insights into set-top box pairing/unpairing status or low battery levels in remotes, hindering proactive maintenance


Tata Elxsi implemented the iCX technology to significantly enhance user experience and eliminate operational bottlenecks, thereby redefining industry standards

Key Features of the Solution:

Proactive Monitoring and Self-Healing: Real-time monitoring capabilities allow for proactive issue identification and self-healing mechanisms to resolve problems automatically, minimising the need for customer calls and technician visits.

Remote Access and Quick Resolution: iCX allows customer support personnel to remotely access CPEs for faster troubleshooting and problem resolution, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.

Automated and Simplified Workflows: iCX automates tasks and simplifies processes via features like intelligent firmware upgrades, reducing manual intervention and streamlining operations.

iCX-- -Remote-Monitoring-System


The iCX solution by Tata Elxsi transformed operational efficiency and user experience for the customer.

  • Successfully reduced the impact of the TV App relaunch issue on approximately 20,000 customers by up to 90% through meticulous analysis of customer logs and daily reports
  • Proactively identified and reported RCU connectivity issues, thereby preempting potential customer complaints
  • Curtailed revenue losses by monitoring and obstructing unauthorized and pirated content applications
  • Implemented remote solutions that led to a substantial decrease in the need for on-site service visits, with over 2,000 fewer truck rolls per quarter

Services rendered

Tata Elxsi

  • Consulting & System Integration​
  • Custom operator-tier launcher​
  • Integration of Tata Elxsi Over the Air (OTA) update & Remote management solution(iCX)​
  • Integration and testing with operator backend
  • Post-deployment maintenance and upgrades​

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