Digitalization Of Future Mobility & Need For Cybersecurity


Digital technology is now widely used in many aspects of life and the workplace, including mobility. Brilliant computers with specialized software are gradually taking over activities that make driving safer, more comfortable, and easier on the highways and behind the wheel. The need for software is increasing, providing attractive development opportunities for all industry players. This increasing connectivity is causing widespread disruption across the automotive industry. It generates many vulnerable threat points and ample opportunities for cyber-attacks, not only in the car but also along the entire value chain. Over the past decade, automotive cybersecurity incidents have increased dramatically.

This whitepaper provides an overview of the growing digitalization through software-defined vehicle development and cybersecurity issues that will arise as part of the transformation in the automotive industry and how OEMs and suppliers should take appropriate measures to make the automotive future safer for vehicles and passengers.

What to look for in this whitepaper?

  • Growing market trend towards software-defined Vehicles
  • Automotive software services growth in the coming future
  • Importance of cybersecurity implementation with increased digitalization
  • Cybersecurity features to be ensured by automotive ecosystem players

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