Development of features for Electric Vehicle Battery using Digital Twin

Tata Elxsi’s Whitepaper highlights a process flow that can be used in the development of a cloud-based Digital Twin of a battery pack for an Electric Vehicle. The features developed from the Digital Twin are scalable and can be used for multiple vehicles at the same time.

EV Battery currently takes a longer time to charge compared to refueling of conventional IC engine vehicles. The critical facilitator for EV adoption is availability of charging infrastructure which is still at a nascent stage and developing. In many cases either the chargers are occupied or not working, or EV users are skeptical about the charge left in the battery and not sure how far the vehicle can travel using the available charge. Though available battery charge can be indicated through SoC, it is an estimated value and not measured through onboard sensors.

Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a physical system that acts as a digital counterpart of a real-world object or a process. It is an integral component of Industry 4.0, which focuses on Digital Manufacturing. Digital Twin can be commonly used in Simulation and Analysis, Design Optimization, Real-time Monitoring, Prognostics, Proactive Control, Estimation of Remaining useful life, and Performance Improvement.

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