Approach Note

Customer Acquisition and
Revenue Generation for OTT Industry

A Blockchain-based Approach for Effective Content Sharing

OTT Platforms spend millions of dollars to create content or to acquire the rights for distribution. Monetization of quality content happens by way of Subscription and Freemium (ad-based) models. FAST services to an extent have helped OTT players generate ROI, but this model decreases user engagement over time. Also, there are chances of customer churn as they are forced to watch ads for viewing the content. 
Hence OTT players need to have an innovative mechanism to share content with a wider audience, track its consumption and monetize efficiently.

Read our approach note to learn more about:

  • Content monetization and consumption through micro-distribution channels

  • Sharing/gifting of media content by means of blockchain technology

  • Incentivizing subscribers through NFTs/tokens

  • Accelerating monetization of content

  • Increased control over content distribution

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