Significance of Industrial Design in the Circular Economy 


Sustainability has gained significant limelight among brands across industries. The circular economy concept has witnessed momentum in the recent past and holds true in product design as well.

80% of the environmental impacts arise due to improper product design principles. Brands are now adhering to Circular Product Design (CPD) principles that advocate - Designing products with minimum wastage of resources, making them renewable, recyclable, and eco-friendly.

By implementing smart circular product design strategies along with adept industry 4.0 solutions expertise, Tata Elxsi has been working with leading manufacturers to help launch eco-effective products and production systems.

Whether you are a designer, engineer, or a sustainability practitioner, this whitepaper aims to provide new perspectives on:

  • Role of industrial design in circular economy
  • What benefits circular product design (CPD) can bring?
  • Some key limitations of CPD
  • Design approach towards building a circular products that industry should adopt and more…

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