Improving Agricultural Efficiency and Productivity using Intelligent Farm Vehicles

Intelligent machines and autonomous systems are poised to revolutionize global industries with the promise of increased efficiency and productivity. Integrating AI, Automation, Big Data, Communication, and Sensing Technology into agricultural vehicles, specifically driverless intelligent tractors, holds tremendous promise for the agriculture industry. These machines can assist farmers with tasks such as crop and soil monitoring, disease and insect detection, intelligent spraying, automatic weeding, aerial surveys, produce grading, and sorting, ultimately leading to higher yields per hectare.

Despite their potential, these technologies are yet to be fully embraced. The growth of the Agri-tech sector depends on various factors, including investment and adaptation rate.

In this whitepaper, we discuss the following:

  1. Need for Intelligent Farming Vehicles
  2. Smart Farming Technologies changing the Agricultural Landscape
  3. Future of Smart Farming using Autonomous Technologies

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