FPGA adoption is increasing in industrial and automotive applications because of their high performance, low power processing, and flexibility to meet rapidly evolving requirements. Lattice Nexus™ FPGAs offer the class-leading small footprint, low power, and high reliability required for mission-critical applications. Lattice design software and tools help developers leverage Lattice FPGAs in safety-critical designs. The tools also help users easily modify or remodel logical blocks based on the reports derived by safety analysis.


Download Tata Elxsi's new whitepaper for information on performing Safety Analysis for FPGA-based automotive designs and a guide to successful ISO26262 Safety certification.


Read our whitepaper to learn about:

  • FPGA in funtional safety applications
  • ISO 26262 Compliant FPGA Development flow
  • Applications of Inductive and Deductive safety analysis to realize a functionally safe design 

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