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AI-Powered OTT Platform Solution for Sports and Entertainment

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Gen Z and Millennials set to be engaged across 6 regions worldwide


In an era where the digital landscape is transforming the sports and entertainment industry, opportunities for growth are abundant. 

With evolving method of content consumption, OTT brands are battling for attention and user time. Challenges such as content fragmentation, consumer spending, and customer churn have posed significant hurdles for businesses. These challenges highlight the need for innovation and sustainable competitive advantage to cater to evolving user needs. 

OTT in media is more volatile than ever; selecting the appropriate strategy and feature set for streaming services is crucial.

Tata Elxsi's AI-powered intuitive OTT platform is aimed at Gen Z and Millennials. It engages users in multi-format content libraries, real-time sports statistics, short-format content, and gamification. This solution aims to empower active brand participation and enrich the entertainment experience.

Premium video streaming experience


The sports and entertainment industry faces several challenges. Consumers are overwhelmed by numerous streaming platforms, high subscription costs, and non-contextual advertisements. Moreover, the lack of innovation leads to low customer satisfaction and loyalty. Also, delivering content tailored to specific geographies and ensuring its availability at all times proves to be challenging.

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Leveraging its expertise in design thinking, Tata Elxsi provides an AI-powered OTT platform to tackle the industry's challenges. 

This OTT platform comes with an intuitive video experience solution that focuses on digital unification, hyper-personalisation, user-generated content, gamification, monetisation, and community building. We integrate social interaction features, personalised multi-format content libraries, and real-time data synchronisation for sports fans for an enhanced user experience. This solution incorporates an AI-based object recognition for personalised, curated multi-format content library and contextual shoppable TV ads that are tailored to each user's needs. 

To enhance the premium sports viewing experience, fans are offered synchronised real-time data and control, fostering deeper engagement. Additionally, this solution provides virtual brand placement options by utilising AR and AI, which enable regionalised ad delivery.

Premium video streaming experience


Catering especially the Gen Z and Millennials across Europe, India, South Africa, the Middle East, the UK, and the USA, this solution promises to revolutionise sports, media, entertainment, and communications. 

Tata Elxsi's innovative integration of design thinking and AI technology, combined with its strategic appeal to consumers on a global scale, earned us the iF Design Award 2024 in the OTT Experience category of Sports and Entertainment, marking a milestone achievement in the industry.

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