AI for Leaders
Media, Entertainment, and Communications

A Tata Elxsi Compendium

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The wave of Artificial Intelligence is reshaping numerous sectors, and the Media and Communications industry stands at the forefront. Dive into Tata Elxsi's expertly curated inaugural edition of the thought leadership compendium on 'AI for Leaders,' focused on the Media, Entertainment, and Communications industries. Harness the power of AI with our insights, expertise, and collective experience to steer your business towards unprecedented growth.

Key Highlights:

  • AI Use Cases: Examples across Content creation, distribution & monetisation.
  • Technologies: Delve into Generative AI, Multimodal AI, and learn key terminologies through stories and experiences from industry leaders.
  • Operational Aspects: Discover the secrets behind successful production-ready POCs, understand why some AI POCs fail, and the intricacies of Low-Code No-Code.
  • Partnership Strategies: Guidance on choosing the right strategic partner, and a chronicle of AI milestones in Media, Entertainment, and Communications.

Our compendium is enriched with perspectives from industry leaders and Subject Matter Experts, showcasing their vast knowledge in design, consulting, and engineering.

Your feedback drives us. Reach out with your suggestions, topics, or content you'd love to see in future editions at